It had to be you

Once a year they put flowers on your grave,
You were put there for knowing to much and trying to be brave,
A deadly serial killer you thought you could catch,
You thought you had a full proof plan to hatch,
But you told the wrong person you confided in me,
I had a dark secret you couldn’t see,
The person you were ‘going to catch’ was me’
There was nothing I could do,
I didn’t want this but my next victim had to be you,

All I had to do was play along,
I initially tried to put you off but your conviction was strong,
I couldn’t leave it be,
sooner or later you’d realise the killer was me,
So I waited for you in the dark,
Just by the gate at the edge of the park,
When you passed I took my time,
Because I didn’t want to commit this crime,
But as I walked behind you to your front door,
I couldn’t put it off anymore,
I ran behind you as quiet as can be,
You didn’t have time to see,
I put my hands round your neck,
After four minutes you were dead no need to check,

And now every year I visit where you lie,
And tears of sadness I really cry,
This didn’t have to be,
But it was either you or me,
I couldn’t keep you alive,
Because nowadays only the strong minded survive.



Final Leap

Im think almost ready now,

Almost ready to enact my final vow,

Im ready to take my final leap,

And sink into that dark abyss so deep,

Ready to finally end it all,

Ive heard that bell finally toll,

Only a short time does remain,

Before I finally lose all the pain,

Preparations are all but made,

Soon at last to rest I will be laid.

Again and Again (I cut myself)

Im beginning to see how an addict must feel,

I now see that the cravings are real,

Because I can’t wait to feel the burn of the pain,

As I cut myself again and again,

It really is like a drug,

Most people wouldnt understand they would just shrug,

But believe me when I say,

The craving gets stronger everyday,

Other people do it to deal with stress,

For them thats whats best,

But I do it because I enjoy the burn the pain,

As I cut myself again and again,

I don’t expect you to understand,

As you smoke the cigarette in your hand,

And I don’t care if you get mad,

I don’t care if you get sad,

We all do what we do’,

Im just the same as you.


People say love always finds a way,

Tell that to someone whose alone day after day,

Tell that to someone who lives on their own,

Someone who no one talks to on the phone,

Ask them about Love,

Ask them when their only friend is god above,

When they sit at night in their chair,

Wishing someone else was there,

You tell them love always finds a way,

And watch their reaction and listen to what they say.

As I think back

Memories of you float round my head,

I still struggle to forget the last thing you said,

You go to the back of my mind for so long,

Then bang the memories resurface bringing feelings so strong,

Still can’t believe you left me,

When you said my friend you would always be,

Can’t believe you used me to heal your mental scars,

That really takes using someone too far.

But sadness has replaced the anger in my heart,

And still I miss you now even though we are so long apart,

But as I think back if Im honest I knew what you would do,

But somehow I always adored you,

You always knew you held my heart,

And part of me knew one day you’d tear it apart.

Trophy Wife

I look across the room in disgust,

I treat women like you with distrust,

Lie with an older man not for love but his money,

Getting paid to give him a taste of your honey,

Is your goal to be a trophy wife,

For god sake get a life,

You could have so much more,

You are really not that shallow,

You are going to wake up one day alone and hollow.

The Warning (after all I’ve said)

You tentatively approach me in this well lit room,

Like a death row con walking to his impending doom,

Your beady eyes never leaving mine,

You have planned this day because you think we are just fine,

And as you pull me near,

I whisper in your ear,

I say, Im going to destroy everything sacred to you,

I will make your life hell if its the last thing I do,

I will break everything you hold dear,

You will wake everyday wishing the end was near,

I will take your heart, your soul and crush them in my hand,

Only until you feel the pain You caused me will you understand,

On us again being friends your heart was set,

But I will never forgive and I certainly will never forget,

And As we pull apart I look you dead in your eye,

To show you my words are no lie,

And as you walk away,

You look fine but your trembling hands betray,

The unmistakable sense of dread,

Of the fate you await after all I’ve just said.