Puzzle in my heart

Sitting by the sea, 

Just you and me, 

Talking about life, 

Trying to forget about all the strife, 

Out to sea theres a storm brewing, 

In my heart an unasked question is screwing, 

Theres a storm on the Horizon, 

We better move it will be here soon, 

But theres a unsolved puzzle in my heart, 

And you unknowingly are the final part, 

Known you so long, 

Always felt feelings for you so strong, 

But so many situations dictated, 

As a result a chasm between us was created, 

But here we are sitting talking together, 

While the feelings I have, have festered deep in there, 

Theres a storm on the Horizon, 

We better move it will be here soon, 

But theres a unsolved puzzle in my heart, 

And you unknowingly are the final part, 

Theres a question I really need to ask, 

But I can’t complete the task, 

Because Im scared you will run away, 

And thats a price Im unwilling to pay, 

I lost you once before, 

So Im not going to jeopardise what we have once more,  

Theres a storm on the Horizon, 

We better move it will be here soon, 

But theres a unsolved puzzle in my heart, 

And you unknowingly are the final part, 


Sitting by the sea

Had a really lovely day today, 

You made me feel comfortable which isn’t my way, 

And the way you talked, 

And when I showed you my scars you were visibly shocked,

And you made it clear you genuinely care, 

And affection for each other we share, 

And  tonight sitting by the sea,

Reaffirms my thoughts about you and me, 

We had a lovely time just laughing and talking, 

No walls put up for blocking, 

Happy together, 

Its a time I’ll cherish forever, 

And as I sit here pondering, 

My mind about yesterday wandering, 

I realize I have one good friend, 

Who will be there at the end. 


I could rehash something old to make something new, 

But I couldn’t do that to you, 

You are very special to me, 

Something you have and will always be, 

There’s something about you that makes me smile, 

I love your individuality and your style, 

You have inner beauty as well as on the outside that everyone can see, 

I don’t like many people but you are a beautiful friend to me. 

Definition of”Normal”

The definition of normal in todays society, 

Is ignorance, idiocy and little piety, 

Most are happy to stand on the person below, 

To achieve and get were you want to go, 

A world were because of good looks people are held in higher esteem, 

Than scientists and thinkers who dare to dream,

They say the worse place to be is hell, 

But hell is nothing compared to where we currently dwell, 

A world full of shit, 

Where humans deserve to burn in Satan’s fiery pit, 

And people wonder why I hate them  the way I do, 

Its not hard just step back and look around you. 

And maybe if you’re not to blind to see, 

You’ll look on the place the way I do. 

Zombies Everywhere

Zombies zombies everywhere, 

Walk this land without a care, 

Other than were they get their next hit, 

From Who and what they steal to get it, 

they dont care one bit, 

And all the while people work hard, 

Every morning they stamp their time card, 

To make just enough ends meat, 

So their little family can eat, 

Its a world gone wrong, 

And its been happening to long, 

Will anyone dare,

To stand up for their rightful share,

But workers are zombies of a kind too, 

You reading this, Im talking about you, 

You sit are your desk or stand on a line, 

Thinking everything’s just fine, 

While you work for a boss, 

Who simply couldn’t give a toss, 

As long as the work gets done, 

And things smoothly run, 

Taking by far the biggest share, 

While you scrap for the rest of the pie that’s there,  

Will someone dare, 

Stand up and demand their rightful share, 

Stop being treated like a slave, 

Nows not the time for quiet, nows the time to be brave, 

Everyone stand up as one, 

Together everyone together is more powerful than any gun, 

Its time for the human race to dare, 

To stand as one and demand their rightful share, 

Does anyone feel strongly enough to care, 

Or is there no fight in anyone to share. 

Your Ego

Your ego is bigger than your personality, 

Its matched only by the size of your vanity, 

You are a sack of shit, 

Who in the grand scheme isn’t worth spit,  

Believe me Ive just about had my fill,

I dream about ripping out your heart and watching your blood spill,

Id love to gauge out your eyes, 

It would be sweet music listening to your agonizing cries. 

Toy Boat

Sitting alone here in dark, just the sound of the radio in my ear, 

I think about how distant we’ve become in the last year, 

From lovers to this, 

Its happened so fast what did I miss, 

Sitting arguing with myself you on my mind, 

Its not that I hurt you or was unkind, 

So why did you drift away, 

Like a toy boat on a windy day, 

What did I do, 

To drive these feelings so raw and new, 

I didn’t think I made you sad, 

And we never fought so I didnt make you mad,

But you are cold to me now, 

To touch your arm you barely allow, 

And the look of disgust on your face, 

Is something Id love to replace, 

Id love to know what to do, 

To somehow again please you,  

But your heart to me has grown cold, 

Leaving you with simmering feelings of hatred untold.